Storytelling: theatre as a protagonist of the corporate meeting

Storytelling: theatre as a protagonist of the corporate meeting

What’s the difference between “explaining” and “telling a story”? Try to “explain” to a child why Snow White ate the apple, maybe with the help of a couple of slides.

Andrea Notarnicola
Newton Management Innovation – Sole 24 ore Group

Set Design

Special Effects

Live special effects are now unbeatable

It is a different world with nothing to do with the special effects used in the cinema industry, in TV or in the videogames, but it has nothing to envy them.

Alberto Kellner Ongaro
Laser Entertainment srl


Ettore Bochia and haute cuisine

Haute cuisine for large numbers: the molecular gastronomy

How many cooks are necessary to prepare a gourmet dinner for 3000 people? Is there a kitchen big enough to have them all working at the same time?

Ettore Bocchia
Mistral Restaurant – Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni


Business on stage

The business is on stage

Every business is a theatrical player. It can be fun to stage it, but it is above all useful. Looking at oneself in the mirror improves the business climate.

Roberta Pinzauti
Te.D. Teatro d’Impresa


Guerrilla convention

Guerrilla Convention

The techniques and logic of “guerrilla marketing” may also be used for the organization of a corporate event to increase its effectiveness.

Andrea Natella

Meeting Planning

Everyone needs a good brief

Everyone needs a good brief

A vague briefit challenges the creativity of those who receive it, instead it creates only misunderstanding and confusion.

Massimo Alboreto
Travel Trade

Meeting Planning

Sport Venues

Sports venue and big events: instructions for use

Big sports events offer a number of advantages for the promoter’s image but they also require – by law – prevention interventions.

Stefano Ferri



Televoting: a serious matter!

The word “televoting” has had its reputation ruined and now it would remind people of sad TV programs for housewives.

Matteo Donini
Audio - video consultant Audio Video Freelance



Photographing a convention and making good use of the pictures

Digital technology has opened up new avenues for the photographic documentation of conventions.

Vittore Buzzi
Indipendent Photographer

Meeting Planning

4 knights

The four knights of defeat

The most common causes for the failure of an event are only four, no more. But they are merciless. Knowing the four Knights of Fiasco is a good start in fighting them.

Marco Sorrentino
ItaliaConvention Editor-in-chief


Renaactment - Foresi

Suddenly, a touch of Renaissance

The jester bursts into a serious business convention and recites his impromptu verses.

Gianluca Foresi
Gli EstroVersi


Proximity marketing

Proximity marketing: if we are close to each other, we are also in a relationship

Proximity Marketing” is based on the physical possibility of seeing, speaking and touching – or “interacting”.

Stefano Cocconcelli
Innovation Marketing