Green set up

The event is green, but what about its set up?

Can we be a bit more sustainable? It’s getting more common to hear talking about sustainable events.

Duccio Brunelli
BBA-Architetti & Partners Srl


Digital Signage

Nice to meet you, I’m the Digital Signage

Almost everyone knows the Digital Signage (DS) communication, but very few people know that that it’s defined like that.

Gabriella Campennì
IdeaPM srl



Luxury hospitality: how it was

The Grand Hotel of the 19th century was a big noble house where the people used to live together for long a long period.

Gianfranco Bucher
Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni


Speed! One minute, business card and ... Go!

Speed! One minute, business card and … Go!

Train and run. Refining a way of introducing one’s self that is brief, interesting, stimulating and then trying to use it on every occasion.

Valentina Maltagliati
Nest Srl


Should I plant a tree or consume less?

Should I plant a tree or consume less?

To reduce our impact on the environment, there are those who plant trees, those who use clean and renewable energies…

Enrico Caraccio
IMQ Association – Italian Institute of the Quality Mark


The advantages of a Green venue

Which advantage can I expect from a Green venue?

The congressional field is getting more and more interested in the green, but often that only results in some energetic savings.

Massimo Duroni
Bio architect

Training - Communication

Theatre techniques: a gym for public speaking

Theatre techniques: a gym for public speaking

When speakers go “on stage” something doesn’t work. Sometimes it’s uncontrolled anxiety, more often a sense of embarrassment.

Roberta Pinzauti
Te.D. Teatro d’Impresa


How to promote an event with the social networks

How to promote an event with the social networks

Born as a toy for geek teenagers, the social media have now become an extremely serious instrument of work and promotion for the companies as well.

Sabrina Pesarini
Web marketing manager



Greenwashing: a canny kind of green

It’s the fake green. It may be considered a harmless advertising technique, but it damages the reputation of those who practice it and also the trust in the market.

Biagio Duca
Hospitality consultant



Conflicts can more effectively be solved during a corporate event

The game play reveals ways to manage conflict effectively and profitably. It explains how to deal with relationships, communication and behavior.

Simona Orlandini


China is getting closer and closer

China is getting closer and closer

Business globalization and the increased accessibility of international travels basically eliminated incredible physical distances, even in China!

Carlotta Trevisan

Team Building

Post Teambuilding

And what happens after the Team building?

The team building of the extraordinary challenges, of the captivating and funny adventures, has always had success.