Meeting in Florence

Meeting in Florence: venues and locations

A friendly city, with an exceptional artistic and cultural heritage with a conference center of excellence in the heart of Old Town.

Carlotta Ferrari
Destination Florence Convention & Visitors Bureau


Meet the Japanese

Meeting the Japanese people

The Japanese business community is much less “mysterious” and the relationship between managers are no longer culturally problematic.

Kazuo Inumaru
Oriens srl

Meeting Planning

Conference speakers for generation “Y”

The largest and fastest-growing cohort in the global workforce is ‘Generation Y’, generally defined as people in their 20s and early 30s.

Rob Davidson
Managing Director of Mice Knowledge


Live mapping

Live mapping to visualize the activities of a meeting

The Live mapping makes more professional every kind of event and gives a real time visualization of the activities.

Umberto Santucci
Problem solving consultant

Luxury - Focus On Venues / Trend

Luxury venues for luxury events

Luxury venues for luxury events

Attilio Marro, Stefano Bajona and Elisabetta Neri talk about hospitality trends in luxury event venues.

Italia Convention


We are creativity

We are creativity

An instructor and researcher helps us understanding: is it a “gift of the few “or a “capacity of everybody”?

Alessandro Amadori
Istituto Piepoli

Team Building

Next generation teambuilding 2

Next generation teambuilding 2 – an example

New technologies allow the creation of situations “almost” real and very close to the real work.

Sandro Santi
Eventi Aziendali Milano


Bon Ton

Bon Ton in business Events

An event organized with Bon ton makes relationships easier and launches membership micro-signs.

Alberto Presutti
Bon-Ton trainer


Events in Internet Era

The events in the Internet era

Considerations of a communication scholar on virtual meetings and “physical meetings” events, to whom new technologies offer more opportunities than risks.

Fausto Colombo
OssCom – Centro di ricerca sui media e la comunicazione

Meeting Planning


What’s the purpose of the meeting design?

The Meeting Design is the pure technical design of the meeting, any meeting, to achieve the best results and reach the desired goals.

Mike Van Der Vijver
MindMeeting B.V.

Team Building

New teambuilding generation

A new Teambuilding generation with interactive technologies

Among those that can be defined teambuilding “frontier” are internet technologies that draw freely from the simulation games.

Sandro Santi
Eventi Aziendali Milano

Italian Style

Event rich culture

The event gets rich in culture

In the last decay there are new demands and new answers, according to a richer and more qualified offer.

Laura Nizzoli
Marketing and communication consultant