Meeting Planning

4 knights

The four knights of defeat

The most common causes for the failure of an event are only four, no more. But they are merciless. Knowing the four Knights of Fiasco is a good start in fighting them.

Marco Sorrentino
ItaliaConvention Editor-in-chief


Renaactment - Foresi

Suddenly, a touch of Renaissance

The jester bursts into a serious business convention and recites his impromptu verses.

Gianluca Foresi
Gli EstroVersi


Proximity marketing

Proximity marketing: if we are close to each other, we are also in a relationship

Proximity Marketing” is based on the physical possibility of seeing, speaking and touching – or “interacting”.

Stefano Cocconcelli
Innovation Marketing

Meeting Planning

Dwarfs of succes

The gnomes of success 1: the goals

For a successful event a planner has to know where to start from and where they are trying to go.

Marco Sorrentino
ItaliaConvention Editor-in-chief


A new life for the corporate video

A new life for the corporate video

New technologies and a new language culture had turned the corporate video into a modern, appealing and versatile instrument of communication.

Carlo Raimondo
Spyder J. Film


The Opening Speech

The Opening Speech, to start out well

The tone of an event is set during the first few minutes. It is during this time that the participants “sense” the type of event to come: Interesting? Boring? All talk or action?

Roberto Luperini


Is this a candid camera?

Is this a candid camera?

Even with a limited budget, it is still possible to make an incentive travel unforgettable.

Massimo Morga
Staff Italia


“Bon Apetit”

“Bon Apetit”: number, measures … and some prices

A good convention always comprises a good meal. This rule may be obvious but breaking it caused a lot of damage.

Luca Legnani
Papillon Eventi

Technologies - Set Design

New technologies on stage

New technologies on stage

New giant monitors, video walls, video projectors with geometric corrections, LED technologies with thousands of applications.

Patrizia Bocconi
Free lance Set Designer

Meeting Planning

Magic measurements for successful meetings

Magic measurements for successful meetings

The meeting room could either be the stepping stone for launching a successful convention, or for sending it to its grave.

Piero Pavanini
Newton SpA


green events

Green Events: good for the environment, even better for the marketing

Setting up an event a “green” can become an important marketing advantage.

Filippo Lenzerini
Punto 3

Set Design

Banners - Posters - Plasterboards - Totems

Banners – Posters – Plasterboards – Totems

What is their purpose? What are the differences between them? How are they made? With which materials?

Andrea Bonizzoli
Morning Stars