Venues communicating Italian Atmosphere

Thanks to a very marked atmosphere, some meetings locations are an unforgettable experience, which draws liberally in the imagination of “Italian” style.

1. What is atmosphere?
A home full of atmosphere is a place that can add a lot to the quality of a meeting. But … what’s atmosphere? How do you recognize it? Maybe the atmosphere is in a home as the charm lies in a person … is a certain “je ne sais quoi”.
In this article I want to focus on some kind of atmosphere you definitely say “Italy“. They are many and very different from each other, and have to deal not only with folklore and clichés (pizza and mandolin, to understand).
But, before we begin, I would like to say what are, in my opinion, the 4 ingredients of an atmosphere capable of making magic your meeting.
First of all, the place. The “genius loci”: the beauty and/or the particularity of the place. Then the character of the building (a historic building, a castle, a mill, or a particular space). And again: the furniture, the decorations, the organization of space, accessories … that is what we find inside. And finally, the human presence, that is the touch of those who manage the space, the attitude of staff, attention to detail and so forth. These four elements, or rather, the balance between them, their authenticity, harmony and grace, create atmosphere and contribute to give that certain “je ne sais quoi“.
But to create a real, rich and pervasive Italian atmosphere, we need something more, an intention, a direction, which develops a recognizable theme within the “Italian” imaginary. It ‘a rich repertoire and, strangely, much less exploited than you could. The creation of an Italian atmosphere contributes to the personality of the Venue, gives dignity and makes it memorable not only for foreigners (obviously) but also for Italians, who will try the seductive and warm feeling to really feel “at home”.

2. What is the atmosphere for?
One of the biggest risks for a corporate event (of any kind) is that even if it is well organized and planned, after a couple of weeks is more or less forgotten. Everyday life reabsorbs us and the memory of the meeting fades into a mental file where all dusty events in which we participated lie. This will not happen if your meeting was held in one of those magical places, who can speak to the soul and to the sensitivity of the participants making them live for a short time a wonderful dimension, capable of producing deep emotions: in our case Italy, the Country of dreams and desires.
The obsession of every meeting planner is to make the event unforgettable. A venue with an explicit and powerful atmosphere is the most fantastic and easy conservative of memory in the long run, as well as a multiplier of success and an activator of enthusiasm immediately. “Do you remember that meeting in La Thuile three years ago? The theme was ‘climb the highest peaks.’ Great!” “Sure! What a meeting, what a place!” .
It’s Italy: the Country to fall in love with.

Villa Widmann Rezzonico Foscari - Italy

3. Many atmospheres
If you’re looking curiously into the enchanted world of the “Italian atmosphere” you will find very special and exciting “tidbit“. Here are some examples: these are all places, which I attended, and I used to work, everyone leaves me a cherished, living and beautiful reminder.

The atmosphere of the sea (the real one, that one breathes with you, not the busy beach) can be found it in a small inn in Lerici where everything is truly “marine”, from furniture with traces of saltiness to the secret cove. I also love the old mills and I’ve seen many, some more or fewer artefacts but there is one, in the Ticino Park, where every time I go I seem to go back in time, and its genuine cuisine and excellent makes me think of the simple joys and knowledge of the maids. I used it for a meeting of directors with their wives. The aim was to encourage personal relationships. You can imagine success. Among the farms typical of the Salento I know some very simple and refined where you can find the roots of the good life: healthy food, warm hospitality, wine bars, immaculate design objects. A mix of tradition and modernity, dream Italy .. If I think of Livorno, I know that I can choose the navy theme (is the city of our Naval Academy) or the theme inspired to the bright contrasts of macchiaioli painters.
An evocative atmosphere features some mystic hotel, made out of antique monasteries or religious places desecrated, witnesses properties of former times, even in the Middle Ages: austere environments that are flavored with a special modern great taste. In the heart of Chianti, for example, I know some wonderful monasteries placed in a landscape frozen in time.

4. Let yourself be captivated
Between the sea and the countryside, you can find historic farms, aristocratic palaces and villas, old cellars, old mills and woollen mills converted into a charming hotel that reproduce in a personal and discreet way, all the charm and atmosphere of their original nature and tell about an Italy that everyone wants to live.
And our cities, how beautiful they are! Atmosphere related to a style, a historical period, or character of the place: in some hotels in Florence I can feel the roots of the Renaissance, in Mantua I can find the place that brings to life the Gonzaga or Giulio Romano, in Turin still feels the spirit of Risorgimento in the luxury of certain austere mansions of Savoy.

And then the food. In Italy, you can eat well in thousands of places, but the authentic atmosphere inspired by good food is a bit more hidden. Among the cellars of the Roero there is a hotel with an authentic “wine-wine.” Among the scents and colors of the woods of Val di Taro a little secluded place will awaken you the desire of simple and rustic porcini mushrooms and red wine. Around Parma, many places speak of Verdi, but some of them seem to make him steel alive. This is the Italian atmosphere.
If you go to Marche, you will find an atmosphere from the ancient patina and vaguely delabré in a farmhouse in Macerata. A little further down, in Abruzzo, in a castle in the province of Chieti, you will find the past that could enchant, elegant and a little vintage atmosphere. It’s magnificent, multi-faceted suggestive Italy: if you want it you can capture one of those wonders and give it to your meeting.

Venues communicating Italian Atmosphere

5. Italian magic is magic …
An Italian Venue is not simply a place where “you feel good.” Feeling good should be normal, and the places that make you feel good are many, thankfully. But the atmosphere of the place does more: it turns professional opportunity in a moment of emotion. Relatively few places that have this power, that seems to me pure magic. And magic shines everything it touches: the company, the manager in charge of the meeting, the staff who organized the participants. Everyone will benefit from this happy choice. If you are Italian you will be proud, I will be delighted if they are foreigners.
An added value is priceless. Indeed, it is included in the price of a meeting in Italy.