Summer Teambuilding: 10 striking ideas – 1


Summer is the perfect season for strengthening a team’s spirit if you add a pinch of holiday-scented fun. 10 impacting ideas (almost) easy to put into practice…

You can choose unusual venues for a meeting and then enrich the program with an entertaining activity. Here below you will find the first 5 ideas:

1. Cocktail Challenge
Cocktail challenge is the perfect team building option for a colleagues’ night out, offering something more than the typical Italian aperitivo though. The guests will learn secret tricks from professional bartenders, play theme games, engage in skills challenges so that at the end you’ll realize the event turned out to be more remarkable than the usual corporate event. Setting up such a “bar” ideally fits an indoor location, a swimming pool and suits to an event on the beach as well.


2. Urban Treasure Hunt
Entertaining and educational: a treasure hunt in the city is a very popular format, offering dozens of possibilities and always appreciated by the guests. Basically the teams are given a mission, which might be even a bit strange, but always very fun to be completed. This special blended activity combines entertainment, touristic curiosity, tasting experiences and the possibility to fully meld with the local mood. Recommended for an entertaining integration between a group of foreign and domestic guests.


3. Carton Boat
If you organized your event beside a swimming pool or a beach, here is an amusing activity you could go for to help your guests socializing and expressing their creative personalities. The participants are divided into teams, each of which is supposed to build a DIY boat with the materials you decided to provide them with (carton boxes for instance). Time will literally fly while your guests bring forth their project, build and sometimes even test it in the water! The team with the most fanciful and absurd boat wins.

Carton Boat

4. Crazy Car
A hint with lots of glee and a good pinch of adrenaline adding some action spirit to your event. Gather any material you find useful for the purpose (recycled tools will suit best) and invite your guests to build a DIY car. If the setting allows it, you all could try to drive the crazy car on a special circuit set up in a quiet place such as a park.

Crazy Car

5. Outdoor Games
Outdoor games are the most basic activity you can offer, but they proved to be entertaining, capable of boosting the energy even in the most demotivated and tired personalities. No particular materials are needed here, you will only need to wear comfortable cloths and to find a green setting (a park if the chosen venue is urban), a cheerful trainer or a yoga teacher.

Game pulling on rope
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