Summer Team Building: 10 striking ideas – 2

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Other 5 smart ideas to get the most of summertime organizing original and entertaining team building activities…

Captivating activities, very easy to put into practice. Success and fun guaranteed. Check them out!

6. Orienteering
If your meeting takes place in a natural environment with charming sceneries and some recognizable landmarks, try to organize a walk with a pinch of adventure. Ask a local guide to help you defining a path to follow, divide your guests in teams and appoint as winner the group who will reach the arrival point before the others.


7. Survival
The name sounds intimidating, but there is nothing truly difficult in this format. Survival simulations are developed in order to help the participants improving their problem solving skills by individual thinking and by team working. The action spirit typical of such an activity will let you exploit a rural setting. Moreover, if the weather decides to turn against you, the whole thing will get even more adventurous.

Survival Part

8. Sand Sculptures
Sand sculptures building blends creativity, artistic sense and teamwork. You could start with a performance by professional sand artists, who will create their artworks before the guests’ eyes. Later on, the core team building activity can take place. In this way you will take all the advantages from a charming performance and teamwork itself. Furthermore, upon your clients’ request, this format can be used to launch a new product or to promote a corporate value.


9. LipDub
LipDub is a cheerful and liberating activity, inspired by the modern talent shows and the old good parties at a friend’s house. Here everything is about self-expression and fun sharing: singing, dancing, acting, making parodies and juggle tricks. It might seem dull at a first glance for an organized event, but the truth is that clients and colleagues rarely have the chance to socialize in an informal context. This time of the year will also let you set the event in the open air, so that the resulting effect will be even more entertaining.


10. Team Sailing
A sailing boat team regatta will help your guests getting rid of all the working stress. Choose professional staff to assist you, so that the newbies learn basic skills and feel gratified by helping the whole team. This sort of activity blends entertainment, adventure and team spirit. The result is enhanced interpersonal relations, leadership and communication and simply a pleasant experience the participants will be glad to share.


Boost the energy of your summer
Summertime is perfect for outdoor activities that will give you all the energy you need for physical and mental wellbeing, for a full life and for a better productivity. Sometimes we forget how pleasant it is to be working suit free and how agreeable the simple human communication is. Changing our usual setting gives us the possibility to experiment and to show hidden skills, which feels rewarding and helps consolidating relationships and smoothing the edges of everyday conflicts.

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