How to communicate a green event – 1

How to communicate a green event

The communication of a Green Meeting is a great marketing opportunity, because it increases CSR activities and can be a showcase for the company.

1. Green Meeting is a goldmine for communication
Organizing a Green Meeting is a qualifying initiative for a company and opens up many communication opportunities.
If a Green Meeting is neglected, and its technical aspects are communicated only during the event itself (the quantity of non-emitted CO2, the amount of waste recycled, how much local food has been used, etc.), the only people receiving these pieces of information are the participants, that maybe can’t even realize how much effort has been made to make the event more sustainable.
In all probability, they are not even the most important target for that kind of communication.
By contrast, the communication of a Green Meeting offers the company four valuable marketing possibilities:
a) it creates a new and very powerful corporate and brand communication content;
b) it reaches a larger number of stakeholders;
c) it allows the company to speak in terms of value and not only in product or factual terms;
d) it is perceived as something cool and therefor it is a good opportunity to revamp the image of the company.
This means that the communication of a Green Meeting is not just simple information but it may prove strategic for the company, its image, its brand equity and its management.
Let’s look into these opportunities in detail.

2. It is an interesting and relevant news-content
To the Press Office’s delight, the communication of a Green Meeting lends itself well to be accompanied by details and anecdotes (storytelling) and can easily turn into a real news because:
even if ecological sustainability is a popular topic, the concept of Green Meeting is still new to the general public in Italy. However, the business community and the media pay much attention to innovators and trailblazers;
it offers many chances to talk about the evolution and the dynamism of the company, the new programs, the new products: it is a sign of modernity;
the news contains concrete contents and not only corporate gibberish. It can be enriched with explanations, data, comparisons. Media are more than willing to publish easily comprehensible information, usually appreciated by the readers.

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3. It increases the stakeholder base
In addition to the participants of the event, many other subjects (not reachable through traditional channels) can become the recipients of the communication. For exemple:
– all the managers of the company (not only the ones involved in the meeting);
– the staff, in order to encourage a positive attitude towards the company;
– the board, to promote the management activities;
suppliers, that can become part of a virtuous supply chain or get involved in a win-win partnership;
B2B clients and final users;
banks and the financial community, because of the awareness;
competitors and the whole economic sector, to acquire prestige;
sector media, looking for interesting news about the players;
green media, trying to reinforce their point of view;
mainstream media, in search of the latest trends in news;
authorities and institutions, to exploit a virtuous event and increase their reputation.

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4. It shows company values
Companies want to be perceived not only as economic entities but also as promoters of ethical values. The communication of a Green Meeting:
– it makes more consistent the statement of principles included in CSR;
– it provides concrete evidence of the company’s commitment on innovation;
– it boosts the management’s pride and awareness;
– it increases motivation and sense of belonging.


5. It conveys an idea of innovation
Green Meetings offer the possibility to communicate through facts the innovative attitude of the company because:
– it becomes a mainstream idea, a part of the popular imagination;
– it underlines a discontinuity with the past;
– it confirms an up-to-date continuity;
– it offers a long-term vision;
– it is a popular topic of discussion.

6. How to communicate a green event
An effective communication of the Green Meeting can use both traditional and innovative tools and strategies.
It should be noticed that the more shared and supported the event will be, the more communication opportunities it will offer.
A statement about green meetings released by the CEO has a bigger impact than a press release.

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7. Traditional tools
traditional press office
– web press office (blog and web magazine)
– internal communication systems (corporate channels, from dashboard to LAN)
power point presentations that can be downloaded from the company website and saved on a pen drive.
– news about the company/blog
– backstage video
– personal communication (email)
video interview of the management
– report of the results
– presentation leaflets
– video interviews of the participants, to be shown during the event or uploaded on the website.

8. Innovative tools
Technology is coherent with the green event because “green” means modernity: streaming, webinar, interactivity, hybrid events are tools that emphasize the progressive nature of the green event and characterize its communication. Here are some examples:
digital PR and web activities (social networks and blogs)
dedicated event website
dedicated event app
augmented reality (AR)

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9. Temporary conclusions
In this article we listed a series of good reasons to communicate a green corporate event. We also analyzed some of the operational opportunities connected with it.
In our next article we are discussing about the contents and the most appropriate forms of communication.
We are also talking about another important advantage: gaining allies and creating virtuous connections.
Finally, some useful style recommendations and a few suggestions about the DOs and DON’Ts. Stay tuned!