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As a contributor of Italia Convention, I had the chance to test and collaborate with Marco Sorrentino. It is not easy but it is so worth it. He is as meticulous while verifying the data and the information as he is careful to offer them with clarity and comprehensibility to the readers. Content and style of Italia Convention represent a quality assurance as the information accuracy. As for their efficacy… we received our first request after one week our card was online!

Entering ItaliaConvention website is a very effective way to orient oneself in events management. Thanks to the clear and practical information on the various sections it is possible to find concrete solutions and to have concrete opportunities for your job. I.C. represents a useful compass both for experienced explorers and for beginners.

Sebastiano Iaria
Sebastiano Iaria
Account Manager
Goboservice by Sunland Optics

I’m a fan of Italia Convention. I’ve been following the portal for years and I recommend the subscription to all my clients. There is no better tool to promote your venue or your supply company in the events industry. It surely gives more than what it costs.
Among all the Italian portals, I think it is the most interesting and way ahead. If you’re an event planner, you must try the search by “Strong Points”, it is brilliant! The proof is in the pudding!

I think the source engine by “Strong points” is a useful tool that meets planners’ requests and its existence is important.
When managing event venues, I know that, in order to win the contest, it is no longer sufficient to give the plenary or else. Planners choose with a variety of criteria, according to the needs of the organization (reachability, extra activities, atmosphere...) That’s why I like “Strong Points”.

Enrico Jesu
Business Development Manager

As an event venue manager, the idea that my facility can be found by its “strong points” in a directory is brilliant in its simplicity. It gives value to the venue “content” and also to the “container” as it is. If I were an event planner, I'd consider the tool “find a venue by strong points” of ItaliaConvention.it a real “egg of Columbus”, a “facilitator” able to identify the perfect solution in a shorter time compared to other source engines.

Manuel Olivero
Founder Event Management Festival
Event Management Festival

I always love reading Italia Convention. I consider it a useful tool for work and the go-to website for our industry. It pushes us, event and incentive planners and “builders”, to constantly improve ourselves. I believe that the topics, case histories, news, information and resources on the meeting industry offered can be of great help to all of us in the logistics, technical and organizational choices that we have to make every day. A good read, from all points of view, that I definitely recommend.

Roberto Allieri
Sales Developement Manager

Marco and Carla are great professionals, always enthusiastic and passionate about their job. It’s nice to know that, in the age of technology, this still makes a difference. We at Dynamo are proud to be on their portal, and I would recommend everyone to make this investment, as it brings a lot in terms of visibility and lasting relationships.

Ilaria Giusti
Ilaria Giusti
Marketing Manager (until 2017)

I have known Carla Solari and Marco Sorrentino, the founders of Italia Convention, for a long time, and I consider them brilliant and reliable communication professionals. And truly good people, which never hurts. We at Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni have been their – satisfied – clients for about twenty years, and I believe that such a long and uninterrupted relationship is a very eloquent reference. We were also among the first to join Italia Convention a few years ago, both out of trust and because it seemed like a great idea. For a small investment, Italia Convention promotes us and the many events we host. I believe that Italia Convention’s many services are an unmissable opportunity for all those conference venues who want to be known in the industry.

Gianfranco BUCHER
Gianfranco Bucher

The directory is easy to browse, and includes all the information needed to evaluate an event venue. What is truly interesting, is that there are not only hotels, but also unconventional venues. An excellent tool for Mice professionals!

Massimo Tocchetti - Aigo
Massimo Tocchetti

Browsing Italia Convention has become a habit, and I often open it with a hint of curiosity and great expectations. It’s a pleasant and stimulating website, with plenty of interesting tips and news about our industry. A useful tool to which I occasionally like to participate by submitting articles that I hope will be useful for colleagues, potential clients and young professionals. It has only been around for a few years, and perhaps it still has to grow and can be improved, but the work Marco and his team have put into it has laid the foundations for a great portal. And in this time and age, believe me, it’s not that common.

Piero PAVANINI - Newton Lab
Piero Pavanini

I’ve been using Italia Convention daily as a work tool and a proper “travel companion” since the day it was founded. I design and plan events for a living, and IC really helps me, not only for the in-depth information on the hotel industry and their venue/service provider search, but also for the wide range of topics discussed in the magazine. My favourite part is the promotion of our “Italian Style”, which is especially needed now, during Expo. Selective, complete, well thought, never boring. It’s all very professional – well done, everyone.

Marketing and communication consultant

Italia Convention, the portal that supports even planning. Browsing the website, we found Torre del Castellano listed among their "new proposals". Nice! We are happy and honoured!

Lucia Prina
Lucia Prina
Event Manager

Good morning, Italia Convention! I’m writing to express my satisfaction in your website. I love your articles, which, even if they discuss common topics of our industry, are simple but highlight the many faces of our job at the same time. I’m also extremely satisfied in your directory:
- as a user, because it allows me to find venues to work and partner up with;
- as a subscriber, because being on your website has brought me new clients and contacts.
I can say with extreme satisfaction that my small investment has definitely paid off.

Carlo Armellini
General Manager